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Three bilingual well-rounded programs



Early Childhood

Children aged 1 ½ to 6

An ICA Curriculum that sparks curiosity.



Grade 1 to 5

A bilingual program to enhance local curricula



Grade 6-12

A program to develop technology competencies and English fluency

All programs include comprehensive Professional Learning courses and workshops to uplift and empower your educators with the most effective teaching practices.


Early Childhood

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An English immersion, inquiry-based, technology-wise and personalized program to embark children 1 ½ to 6 years old on an engaging, meaningful, play-based, joyful and empowering learning journey.

The Early Childhood Program empowers the whole child so that they can develop essential Language acquisition, cognitive abilities, physical skills and socioemotional skills.
The focus of the Program is less on content and more on hands-on experiences that stimulate student’s curiosity, thinking and creativity. 

An Innovative Reading and Writing Program

Building strong reading and writing skills has never been so simple with ICA's unique method. 
ICA has developed a unique Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Program to enhance students’ reading and writing skills and understanding. Additionally, our writing working model gives teachers the most effective method to cultivate an authentic interest in writing and build strong skills and knowledge.

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EC5 - Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Pedagogy Book and Teacher Appendix (3).png
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The teacher receives a comprehensive scope and sequence, a learning resource book and an instructional pedagogy book with descriptions of all learning activities. They also have access to the private ICA educators group on our Community Platform with original materials to support and inspire them.

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An engaging bilingual program for students aged 6-11 that develops a sense of self and community while helping students explore their interests and define their aspirations.

"Our job is not to prepare kids for something;
our job is to help kids prepare themselves for anything.

A.J Juliani, Founder of Adaptable Learning, Faculty for the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education

The ICA Elementary Program is meaningfully designed to meet the needs of every student, offering them choice, agency and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. The focus is on bilingualism through extensive English courses based on  the BC curriculum and immersion in the following learning areas:



  • Technology: Digital Media Academy courses in English (DMA Certification)

  • Global Citizenship: Education 4 Justice and Model United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The following subjects can also be taught in English:

  • Math: Reveal Math and Stanford Mindset Mathematics in English

  • Science: Innovative Science courses in English




A Program that opens new possibilities for higher aspirations.


International Canadian Academy has developed a well-rounded Secondary Program that not only provides evidence of English and Academic proficiency but also truly captures students’ holistic growth, interests and personality traits while developing their technology skills and global awareness.

This program offers a student-driven solution that empowers them to drive their own learning, explore new ideas, develop new competencies and choose their own pathway to Higher Education and beyond.






The curriculum is enriched by targeted engaging learning materials.

Digital Media Academy

ICA English Language Program

Global Citizenship