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Our vision is to create conditions to empower
competent and caring lifelong learners who contribute to the lives of others.

Our mission is to provide our school franchisees with 
the most effective systems, methods, materials and professional development to bring this vision to life.

Transformative schools


Canada has a long and successful story of quality and bilingual education. Canadian students are among the highest achievers in international tests.

Why Canada


ICA provides franchising opportunities to start a new ICA school or convert an existing school. You can start at any age group your own ICA franchisee school that operates our high-standard programs based on Canadian and International most effective practices. 


A strategic partnership to reshape education

At the International Canadian Academy, our mission is to develop a model of school that enables learners to foster the lifelong competencies they need to thrive in their life.

Our franchising model is based on the most effective Canadian and International practices. We provide our franchisees with all the materials, support and professional learning they need to operate transformative institutions.

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About us

Andre Nudelman, chairman of ICA

With decades of global experience in paving the way for quality education programs, Andre Nudelman, chairman of ICA and Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford Graduate School of Education, is the former co-owner and President of Maple Bear Schools Latin America, with headquarters in Canada and over 500 schools worldwide. 

Andre is also the chairman of Digital Media Academy, an EduTech company founded at Stanford in 1999. His extensive range of activities also includes Interactive Health International, a simulation online system for medical education, and International Comprehensive.

The International Canadian Academy is the result of this successful experience, combined with a forward-thinking vision to reshape education.

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy, Andre Nudelman's other education company has a solid reputation in the field of Digital Education and innovation. Founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University in the Silicon Valley, DMA has delivered applied technology education to over 500,000+ students in 1,100+ schools in 125+ countries online and in-person. Their top quality STEM program is offered at DMA's Tech Camps at Stanford,  Harvard, NYU, UCLA, and other leading universities in North America. 

ICA Elementary and Secondary Programs include 30+ DMA courses that can be done in class by any teacher in a fun and engaging way. It offers a unique opportunity to acquire innovative skills and improve English proficiency at the same time.
All ICA schools automatically receive the Digital Media Academy Certification.

International Comprehensive - IC
International Comprehensive (2).png

As a brand new, yet experienced education company, ICA offers a unique education model, based on the International Comprehensive (IC) framework.  IC's competency-driven learning framework focuses on the lifelong growth of every learner to pursue their aspiration accomplished through an inquiry-based approach.

All ICA schools are authorized by IC to use the IC framework, pedagogy resources and they can benefit from a rich catalogue of professional learning courses and workshops to ensure the continuous improvement of ICA educators.

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Richmond School District, Canada
Richmond IE.png

ICA works  in partnership with Richmond International Education and the Richmond School District, which has 20,000 students in 38 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools and other educational settings. Their expertise in all academic areas, English Learning, global education and teacher training contributes to strengthen the ICA program.

Richmond experts contribute to building and enhancing ICA's curriculum and actively participate in Quality Assurance and Professional Learning for ICA Schools educators.


Professional Learning courses and workshops can be organized online, on-site and in one of Richmond’s 48 schools and learning centres.

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ICA franchising provides schools with the highest quality program, fully developed to potentialize each student, teacher and school.

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