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4 Benefits of Opening A Franchise School Over Independently Owning One

Build a K-12 Education Ecosystem through International Canadian Academy (ICA)’s Established School Brand

The franchise school and education system has been gaining popularity in developing nations. The lucrative model of franchising international education frameworks while taking education to those who need it most is advantageous for a high Return on Investment (ROI).

“The potential growth of the franchising model and its impact on income, employment, and the achievement of social goals is most noticeable in emerging and developing markets”

Franchising research on emerging markets | Science Direct

In terms of making an investment, the decision of whether to independently start a pre-K to 12 school or collaboratively through a franchise model can be challenging. Both types of schools offer various advantages for the future generation. But, if you’re searching for education frameworks which are reliable, scalable and versatile for students across emerging cities in developing nations, read on to learn why a franchise school is the right choice.

4 Key Benefits of Investing in an ICA Franchise Over an Independent School

1. Low Cost Of Establishment

The most lucrative benefit of investing in a franchise over an independently-owned school is the investment budget. The cost of establishing a franchise school is usually lower than building an independently owned institution from scratch. International Canadian Academy (ICA)’s franchise school is an established business that has streamlined its operations by using a tried-and-true business model. Our model ensures your capital and resources are efficiently applied towards optimizing positive student experiences.

2. Education To Create Global Citizens

Another major difference between franchise and privately-owned schools is the quality of education. ICA’s international education framework is focused on cultivating global citizens who are lifelong learners. We train teachers with lifelong learning skills so they can guide their students to thrive in the global job market. Our curriculum is integrated with tech-driven courses by Digital Media Academy, founded over 20 years ago at Stanford.

3. Reputation and Curriculum

The reputation and track record of a privately-owned school may fluctuate from year to year, depending on the quality of education students receive there. Franchise schools, on the other hand, must meet specific standards set by their parent company, which means they have a certain reputation to uphold. ICA backed franchise schools offer world-class teaching methods and a standardized curriculum across multiple locations in South-East Asia and Latin America. In fact, our research backed bilingual education model has been developed to ensure a high ROI for your institution.

4. Exceptional Support and Guidance Throughout

Franchise schools are more lucrative over independently-owned schools for the qualified knowledge and backing they provide. ICA’s Franchise model offers entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe support and guidance to build robust education ecosystems in their respective communities. Our qualified team of education professionals provide assistance with everything you need to operate a forward-looking school. This includes a toolkit to help institutions transition from in-person to online learning. We are committed to empowering every franchise adaptable for unforeseen scenarios. Our methods and curated development systems coupled with ground-level implementation are bound for success.

Learn the “ABCD” of School Franchise from ICA

ICA’s education model supports you to establish your very own franchise education institution starting from the ABCD’s:

Academic support

Branding and legacy

Care and commitment

Detailed project planning.

Our qualified team of global education professionals is committed to your franchise’s success. We enable the operation of transformative learning institutions by providing detailed curricula, round-the-clock support and professional learning. If you wish to revolutionize the Pre-K to 12 education space,then ICA’s franchise model is for you. To discuss investment opportunities, contact us at

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