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Why reshaping

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According to many experts and educators from all around the globe, it is time to rethink our approach to Education and embrace new possibilities to transform schools and improve the way we prepare students. In a recent report, the OECD calls to define the future of Education so that:

"Education can equip learners with agency and a sense of purpose, and the competencies they need, to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others".

According to the OECD Education experts, "The time spent in school is, in fact, much less important than how the available time is spent and on which field of education, how motivated students are to achieve, how strong the curriculum is and how good the teachers are."

In other words, "HOW WE LEARN" is more important and impactful than "HOW MUCH WE LEARN".

How we learn

International Canadian Academy offers an agile response to this call.

We are committed to helping schools and educators reshape learning practices and be adaptable and ready for any future scenario. 


Our research-inspired approach creates conditions for schools to build a new culture of learning that empowers learners to think creatively and critically, be inquisitive and develop personal and social competencies so that they can thrive in all aspects of their life.

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Why Canada
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How well does Canada perform
in international testing?

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How well

Canada has a long and successful story of quality education. For decades, Canada has ranked very high on international tests like the OECD PISA.

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On top of these excellent results, Canada is the only English speaking country with an extensive dual language programme across the nation.


Canada has developed a solid expertise in the filed of Bilingual Education since the 1960's with 2.4 million young Canadians studying French or English as a second language.

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Why do Canadian schools
perform so well?

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The excellent results achieved by Canadian schools can be explained by the quality of the teaching staff, the capacity to integrate non-English speakers, the extensive bilingual approach, the focus on thinking and understanding rather than covering contents, a pedagogical approach based on inquiry and a genuine will to know students well and individualize learning so that all students can find their own path and reach their full potential.