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A Diploma that captures the full picture.

Subject scores fail to tell the story of a whole person. Currently, most school transcripts only capture academic success and are designed around assessments and tests. Many diploma programs have final examinations at the end of grade 12, which generate a lot of stress since a student’s future might depend on this particular day.

What do passing grades and current transcripts tell about a student’s competencies, personal growth, personality, community involvement or out-of-school experiences and achievements?
Not much. Moreover, this system reinforces uninspiring teaching practices, social and gender injustice and causes severe damage to students’ well-being and self-esteem*.

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For all these reasons, International Comprehensive has developed a new diploma that not only provides evidence of academic proficiency, but also truly capture students’ holistic growth, interests and personality traits.

The Comprehensive Diploma offers multiple pathways so that students graduate with a diploma that is relevant to them and their future.

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