At International Comprehensive, we are an international team of passionate individuals who share common goals and core values that are truly guiding our behaviours, thinking and actions on a daily basis. We literally live the core values of authenticity, curiosity, creativity, trust, integrity, compassion, innovation, leadership, diversity, fairness and growth as they represent the foundation of our organization.

We all come from different cultural backgrounds, have a rich international experience and speak a variety of languages, which we believe is a real strength. We apply to ourselves the same key principles and practices that are driving the IC program, simply because we know they are beneficial to anyone, including our own team.

We are excited and fully committed to working together and with our partners to leading the worldwide shift in Education that all learners need. 

More than anything, our team is always happy and interested in meeting students, educators, leaders and families so please send us a message or get in touch with us on social media.

Looking forward to learning with you!

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Stephane Vermeulin

IComprehensive Education Program Designer

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