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Converting existing schools is a unique opportunity to improve teaching and learning practices, and to implement a forward-looking program.

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ICA has developed a seamless process to support the conversion of existing schools. Because we acknowledge that every school is unique, ICA creates a Tailored  Integration Plan (TIP) to meet your specific needs and context with clear guidance.

If you want to know more about how to convert an existing school, please contact us by filling out the Existing school contact form

ICA provides prospective ICA School Franchisees with ongoing support and everything they need to convert an existing school into an ICA school with a comprehensive set of tools, guides, templates and flexible Professional Learning opportunities.

ICA School Franchisee Agreement Template
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ICA School Franchisee Student Handbook T
ICA School Franchisee Educator Handbook
ICA School Franchisee Administrative Han
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ICA Franchisee Policy Manual