Starting your own ICA school is a very exciting and rewarding process. To make sure that the Franchisee candidate is successful, the ICA team has defined the following steps and expectations:

Franchisee Prospects show interest by filling out the specific candidate contact form.


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Prospects must meet the Franchisee Profile criteria to be eligible to Candidacy.

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Candidates receive an ICA Franchisee onboarding guide and a video call is scheduled to go over the process.

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The Franchising agreement is signed.  The Development phase can begin with detailed planning and timeline.

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ICA provides you with ongoing support and everything you need to start a brand new ICA school. Our comprehensive set of tools, guides and templates will help you have an effective and successful start.

ICA School Franchisee Agreement Template
ICA Quality Assurance Guide.png
ICA School Franchisee Student Handbook T
ICA School Franchisee Educator Handbook
ICA School Franchisee Administrative Han
ICA - Parent Handout Template (1).png
ICA Franchisee Policy Manual